Costs & Disbursements

Funerals costs are split between the funeral directors' costs and the disbursements, and depend on the requirements you have.


We honestly believe that as a small, family run, funeral service we are in the position to offer families the very best possible service, but at the most competitive prices. As we do not have shareholders and we are not part of a larger group we simply do not need to charge the over inflated prices you are likely to find elsewhere.

The price of a funeral is made up of two parts. Firstly, the cost of the services provided by the Funeral Director and secondly, the disbursements. Disbursements are fees paid before the funeral on the family’s behalf. These include things like cremation fee, Church fees and doctor’s fees. Please note, the disbursements are the same regardless of the funeral director and should always be charged at cost.

Funeral Directors costs include:

  • Care of the deceased, bearers, vehicle and facilities in local transfer of deceased from place of death to funeral home, first offices and use of rest rooms.  
  • Professional Services - our professional attention throughout, including the arrangements, administration, bearers’ and funeral directors’ attendance at funeral service and provision of hearse and chauffeur to funeral.  
  • Additional costs include the coffin/casket price, hire of limousines and chauffeurs for conveyance of mourners, coffin to church or home out of hours.


These are the costs we pay on your behalf to external providers including:

  • crematorium or burial charges;
  • doctor’s fees for cremation certificates;
  • fees for Ministers/Church/Organist;
  • death notices and acknowledgements;
  • floral tributes;
  • catering;
  • special requirements such as doves; balloons etc.

Deposit: We request a deposit to cover the disbursements which we have to pay on your behalf. This is due prior to the funeral taking place and can be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

If you would like to know more about specific costs involved please do not hesitate to call us on 01653 229021 when we will be happy to discuss our services.

Financial help

If you are receipt of certain benefits, you may be eligible for help towards the funeral account or financial help after the funeral. The DSS social fund awards financial assistance to individuals who meet a number of criteria. To qualify for help with funeral costs, the people who share responsibility for the funeral must be receiving one of several benefits and have insufficient savings to pay for the funeral. The payment is a limited amount which may only pay for part of the whole funeral cost. Forms and advice can be obtained from your local Job Centre.

Typical Disbursements for a cremation funeral

  • Cremation at Bishopthorpe Crematorium,York £855
  • The East Riding Crematorium, Octon £960
  • Woodlands Crematorium, Scarborough £700
  • Fees for 2 doctors to complete cremation forms £164
  • Religious Minister or officiant (including travel expenses) £200

Some other goods and services that may be selected by the family include:

  • Limousine (to carry up to 7 mourners) £170
  • Solid wood ashes casket £70
  • Organist £60
  • Orders of service from £1 each
  • Press notice from £85
  • Civil celebrant if religious service is not required from £180

A whole range of coffins are available including ‘eco friendly’ coffins. We are happy to discuss whatever requirements you may have.

Where a church service and/or burial is required the costs will vary in accordance to the designated church or parish .
Disbursements are obviously different but are always charged at cost.


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